Perth Hall

At a Glance


Hello! My name is Harry and I lived in Perth. I’m a second-year BMOS student in the faculty of Social Science. 




Yes, I was most interested in the hybrid-style residences, so I listed Perth Hall as my first choice and Ontario Hall as my second. I had never visited any of the residence buildings prior to listing my choices, but the hybrid-style residences seemed like the most comfortable option as the rooms are fairly big and allow for adequate amounts of privacy. 



  • The hybrid-style residence buildings (Perth Hall and Ontario Hall) are located on the south side of campus, which is where many food and recreational buildings are such as Barakat, the Campus Books Plus store, The Thompson Recreation centre and 711

  • Among the hybrid-style residences, Ontario Hall is open to residents in Perth Hall to enter the building with their keycards anytime during cafeteria hours. If you are a resident living in Perth Hall and want a change of scenery every now and then in terms of food, you can always visit Ontario Hall and enjoy their food options on that particular day. Many of my friends and I made use of this option regularly, as it was nice to enjoy a meal in a different residence and explore meal options that were different from those of Perth Halls.

  • With Ontario Hall and Perth Hall being so close to each other, it is very easy to make friends within both residences. Throughout the year, I met a lot of friends who lived in Ontario Hall as it was very easy to bond over the fact that our buildings were so close to each other. Expanding your social circle to people within various residences makes you feel really comfortable around campus as you will often see your friends in countless places like in class, one of the libraries, the UCC, etc. 


  • Both Ontario Hall and Perth Hall are reasonably far from the center of campus and further from the Northside. If a lot of your classes are in places like the North Campus Building (NCB) or the Natural Science Building (NSB), you will have to walk at least 20 minutes or take the bus to make your walk shorter. For me, the distance from many of my classes to my residence was not a big deal as I enjoyed the walks, but someone else may have a different take on this.




  • For me, one of the biggest advantages of living in Perth was its faculty-based learning community floor for Business Management and Organizational Studies (BMOS). Being placed on the BMOS learning community floor allowed me to meet people with similar interests as my own and with similar academic paths. The people on my floor eventually became people whom I'd turn to lots of things, such as having a friend to go to lectures with. I would highly recommend Perth Hall if you are going into either the  BMOS or the Information and Media Studies (FIMS) program, or if you're interested in living on Perth Hall's Leadership and Volunteer Community floor.

  • Another major benefit to living in Perth Hall was the very spacious rooms and comfortable desks. Based on my experiences in other residences, Perth Hall has some of the biggest rooms on campus and offers some of the best desks on campus, which leaves lots of space for whenever you want to do work (Trust me, you'll want lots of space for all your notes). Also, the rooms' large space meant that we would always have lots of space to have a few friends visit your room from time to time. Spacious areas to do your work and socialize is definitely a must-have a residence, so it's great to have that within student lounges and study rooms as well as in the comfort of your own room.

  • One of the most notable things I enjoyed about Perth Hall was the food options and the staff who worked within the cafeteria. I am generally not a picky eater whatsoever, so I was never disappointed with the food in the cafeteria as there were always great options in the various food bars. Most notably, at the start of the second semester, Perth Hall's cafeteria started a Burger Bar, which ran from 8:00 pm to 10:30 pm. I'm sure many of Perth Hall's residents can back this when I say that Burger Bar was THEE food bar to look forward to -- those burgers made all that hard work and studying during the day worth every second leading up to that first bite. Also, I personally loved the Perth Hall cafeteria staff this year and was always happy to talk to the workers while I was getting my food. Given everything I've said about Perth Hall's cafeteria, I had to refill my meal plan multiple times, and if you enjoy their food as much as I did, you will be sharing similar stories about Perth Hall's food in a years time.



  • The only issue I had about living in Perth Hall this year was with the washing machines as more and more broke throughout the year without getting fixed. At the start of the year, all the laundry machines worked fine, and it was quite easy to find times to do laundry when there were empty machines. As the year progressed, more and more washing machines broke, which sometimes made finding empty laundry machines difficult. The dryers all functioned properly throughout the year, so it was really only a matter of using the washing machines when everyone else wasn't, or you'd likely have to wait to use a machine.




I found the people in Perth Hall to be very welcoming and made you instantly feel comfortable in the idea of this residence being your home away from home. Before the first day of O-Week, I had never visited Perth Hall and only knew what is posted on the Western's residence website. Still, since the first day, I was felt happy to be around a group of people at Perth Hall that were kind and were always there to help with whatever you needed. I have not only found my housemates for next year in Perth Hall but also friends whom I consider close and trustworthy after only knowing them for eight months. To some up, I can genuinely say that the social cohesion within Perth Hall helped enhance my first-year experience and has lead me to people in my life that will continue to enhance my university experience as a whole in years to come.


  • Fireside Lounge

  • The Conference Room on the 1st Floor

  • The 5S Study Room


One great personal experience from residence was playing Mario Cart with drunk goggles on in the Fireside Lounge. Initially, while walking past the Fireside Lounge one day, I saw an array of cookies in containers and obviously was intrigued by these freshly baked desserts. In a few moments, I had learned that in order to obtain these cookies, you had to play at least one game of Mario Kart with drunk goggles on. I personally still love Mario Kart to this day and a chance to beat friends with drunk goggles on made the prize that much sweeter. Everything was going well until my friend decided to cheat by taking the goggles off and even trying to mess with my controller. After such dirty moves pulled, I did not get first in Mario Kart for the first time in many years, but I filled my belly with cookies to overcome the despair.


What made residence so enjoyable for me was trying my best to be outgoing by interacting with as many people in residence as I could. Through my experiences, I found that even small conversations could go a long way with starting a friendship with someone, and if not, the effort was always worthwhile anyways. I would say my approach to residence life was due to my extroverted nature, but trust me living in residence is the perfect place to start growing your social circle as you can meet some amazing people in your building.  I would highly encourage anyone who may be shy by nature or scared of making the first steps to talk to someone to just do it because the chances are those small steps could help you build the relationship of a lifetime. 


Residence life for me surpassed any expectations I had going into university, and I think this was highly due to all the great people I met throughout the year. It was a great experience to meet like-minded and genuinely kind people, so step out of your comfort zone a bit and try your best to connect with people because you won't regret it.