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Welcome to the Faculty of Information and Media Studies (FIMS)

Learn about fake news, the power of social media and how Facebook and Google profit from your online profiles.

Conduct research, write essays and debate a wide range of media topics. Uncover the controversies swirling around large data breaches and mass surveillance.

Develop your media production knowledge. Study media and understand how to produce it.

Create media and develop creative content through elective courses.

Discover how money, politics, culture and society interact with and influence technologies like smart phones, social media and digital advertising. FIMS will teach you why these things matter.


Below, we have reached out to several students in FIMS and asked them to share their first year experiences with you. This is meant to give prospective students an idea of what they can be looking forward to in their specific program. Moreover, it can potentially help indecisive high schoolers solidify their decisions on what program to enter. 

Click below to see what current students have to say about their first years in their programs. There, they talk about everything from the specific courses they took to their favourite study spots in campus. However, take this all with a grain of salt! What works for one person may not necessarily work for you! This is just meant to help you better understand what it's like to be a first-year student at Western. What better way to learn about it than from the people that have experienced it themselves? 

If you have any specific academic-related questions that were not covered anywhere below, feel free to ask it on the forum! Happy reading!

*Click the circles below to read each person's first year experience!



Jim Lu

Class of 2023

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Thea Medland

Class of 2024

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