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Interested in helping ease the transition from high school to university for incoming Mustangs?


Sign up to join the RTU team today! We would love to have you! Check out the positions we are looking to fill below, and simply fill out a quick sign up form at the bottom of this page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! Positions we are looking to fill will change throughout the year so if you don’t see something you’re interested in now, be sure to check back soon!

We are looking for both main campus and affiliate students!!!



One-on-ones provide prospective students with some insight into university life and more. One-one-ones connect incoming students with current Western students in the faculty or program that they are considering joining. Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19  those that wish to part take in one-on-ones will have to do so over the phone, Skype, or another digital format. This initiative fosters a mentor-mentee relationship that would allow incoming students to gain some insight about university on a more personal level. 


If you enjoy writing and want to share your first year experience with prospective students, we would love to hear your story and have you on our team! You will fill out a template discussing the different details of your first year at Western, including everything from your courses to your favourite study spots on campus. Your writing will be featured on the academic section of our website! 

*Note: We encourage everyone to apply but note that we are currently prioritizing academic writers from the following faculties: Engineering, FIMS, Music, Health Science, and Arts and Humanities


Like the name suggests, forum responders answer questions on our forum. This is a relatively low commitment role that involves frequenting the site for any questions posted by incoming students. Students from all faculties and programs are welcome to contribute to this online community!


If you've lived in rez before or have held some leadership position within it (i.e. don, rez soph, etc.), we would love to hear from you! You will be asked to fill out a template all about your experience in residence. From ranking your housing choices to the moving in process to social life in rez, you'll be working with us to get your housing experience up on the website!


You've helped students before and now, we're asking you to help them again! We're looking for anyone who has previously held an official leadership position at Western to share your experiences. So if you were a fac soph, peer mentor, club exec, or anything else, sign up and let's work together to share your role in the extracurricular scene at Western!


Thanks for submitting!

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